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          P U R P O S E

Pumps are used as booster and dosing pumps for liquid fuels in furnace systems, oil and fuel transport systems, hydraulic systems, for oil circulation in lubrication systems, heavy fuel/bitumen/tar manipulation, ammonia/freon/liquefied petroleum gas manipulation, manipulation of highly viscose media such as grease, wax, creams, chocolate, glues, syrups, solvents, water...

By installation position pumps are classified as:

·         Horizontal or vertical,

·         Dry-installation pumps or submersible pumps.

Pumps are delivered as standalone units, integrated with a drive engine or as pump stations – modules.


         A P P L I C A T I O N

1.Screw pumps in shipbuilding industry

·          Primary engine oil pump

·          Crosshead oil pump

·          Static pipe oil pump

·          Oil and fuel separator pump

·          Oil and fuel transfer pump

·          Fuel booster pump

·          Fuel circulation pump

·          Sediment pump

2.Screw and gear pumps in other industries

·          Discharge/loading pumps for oil, fuel and bitumen

·          Dosing pumps for fuel in boiler rooms

·          Lubrication systems

·          Hydraulic functions

3.Vane pumps for

·          Tanker lorries

·          Fuel depots

4.Centrifugal pumps

·          Water, acids and bases manipulation

·          Plumbing systems




          P U R P O S E

Purifiers are used to separate impurities from oils and fuels, and in special designs also from water.

The production line of purifiers for mechanical separation of impurities includes:

·         Cast purifiers (single and double), and

·         Welded purifiers.

The filter element can be a multichamber or a basket type.




Water pressure regulators hold an important position in the valve production.

          P U R P O S E

They work on the principle of utilization of potential energy of the medium itself. They maintain a constant pressure at the valve outlet. They are used for water in plumbing systems.




          P U R P O S E

For ballast tanks in shipbuilding.

For shipbuilding applications, production of various types of vents has been implemented in sizes from DN 50 to DN 350.




          P U R P O S E

For oil supply and for creating pressure in the lubrication system of sliding bearings, gear carriers, gear couplings or similar devices.




          P U R P O S E

Aerator is a device that is used to force the introduction of atmospheric air into the water, thus achieving the desired increase in oxygen saturation. Sufficient amount of oxygen dissolved in the water is one of the conditions for achieving and maintaining health and safety of water necessary for profitable farming in fish farms.



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