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Purifiers are used to separate impurities from oils and fuels, and in special designs also from water.

The production line of purifiers for mechanical separation of impurities includes:

·         Cast purifiers (single and double), and

·         Welded purifiers.

The filter element can be a multichamber or a basket type.






P, PL, PDL - Purifiers/Filters

to separate mechanical impurities from oils and fuels.
Models: single, double, cast welded, with multichamber or basket-type filter elements.
Stainless steel filtering mesh is installed.

Add-ons: steam or electric heating, magnetic particle separator, differential pressure drop indicator or pressure gauges.

Type selection is made based on operating conditions and customer specifications.


Capacity:             up to 200 m3/h

Pressure:             (-1) to 16 bar

Filtering fineness: 0.015 to 1.4 mm
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