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Manufacture of pumps, filters and armatures

Our products are used in the following industries: shipbuilding and mechanical engineering, oil and chemical industries, thermal and hydroelectric power plants, agriculture, food and pharmaceutical industries, construction material manufacture and plumbing systems. 
   MPD is the leading Croatian manufacturer of pumps for oil and oil derivatives.



-          Screw pumps (oils, fuels)

-          Gear pumps (oils, fuels, glues, molasses, bitumen)

-          Blade pumps (light oil derivatives, solvents)

-          Centrifugal pumps (water, acids, bases, light oil derivatives)

-          Ammonia pumps (ammonia and other coolant media)

-          Coolant emulsion pumps (mechanical engineering)

-          Purifiers (oils, fuels, water)

-          Regulator valves (oil, fuel)

-          Pressure regulators (water pressure reductors)

-          Ballast tank vents (shipbuilding)

The production programme also includes building devices and spare parts for the following industries:

-         Mechanical engineering and shipbuilding,

-         Oil and chemical industry.


Beside the standard pump models, special models are also available, as per customer request.


Production program
Spare parts
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