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Since its establishment until today, the MPD factory for pumps, filters and armatures is operating with a large number of companies in Croatia and abroad. This operation resulted in the large, strong list of references which reflect the quality of our product that we are proud to present. In order to sort the list we put it in 4 groups (shipbuilding, waterworks, process industries and power plants). In each of the groups listed is a partial selection.
program for the shipbuilding industry is the largest and most. Our pumps and ball air vent heads for tanks sail around the world on different ships produced in all major Croatian shipyards.  
  Waterworks are our infallible partner, mostly related to the production program of a pressure water mains, and also pumps.
PROCESS INDUSTRY                             
  Thousands of pumps and reinforcement is incorporated in industrial plants, and are infallible part of maintenance work and a permanent facility. Our factory is able to produce specific pumps for various industries.
 During the years we have developed a production program of pumps and is able to offer pumps for different types of plants.


Production program
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